Jubilee House is an in-home Christian based recovery program for women that desire to walk in freedom from addiction. This is a program free of charge to the resident.  Jubilee House equips the women by teaching them the necessary tools to walk in recovery.  Through the success of our program, the women find purpose by becoming productive members of their families and communities. A twelve month commitment is required to get the full benefits of the program.

Our program's main focus is on substance abuse, but is not limited to.  A large part of our curriculum is Bible based and we believe freedom is only found in Christ alone.  We understand recovery is a life long process and we want to instill the building blocks for healing in all areas of the women's lives. During the residents' stay, they will be taught different life skills in areas such as spiritual, finance, parenting, co-dependency, and healthy boundaries, as well as many others. Another component we believe is unique to our program is the importance of giving back, by volunteering in the community.  Our on-staff licensed drug and alcohol counselor works with the women weekly to help with relapse prevention. In addition to the classes we provide, an important component we believe that is useful is being involved in outside recovery programs, which is used as a tool for the women after graduating from the program; they have a safe place to stay connected. 

In order for the women to completely benefit from the program, we have a limited access facility. The women are supervised at all times and are not allowed to come and go at free will. As the women advance in the program, more liberties are given to help them balance life in the community with the temptations of the world.  In the later phases of the program, we encourage the women to seek employment and assist them with that process . We have seen this as a helpful component for the women and an important aspect of their transition into the community. To further prepare them to become productive members of society, we work with each woman to build strong support groups with mentoring programs and involvement in local churches. 

Jubilee House, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit ministry. We do not receive any government or insurance funding. We fully rely on donations and grants to keep our facility running. Services are provided at no charge to the women who go through our program. We also utilize volunteers in all areas of our ministry.

This is a brief overview of our program and is in no way a complete list of classes and opportunities we offer at Jubilee House.

 Our annual budget is just over $100,000. We are debt free so all of the monies received are used for the needs of our residents. The cost of a secular residential program averages $5,000-12,000 a month per resident. Jubilee House is able to operate on just under $1,000 per woman per month. The average success rate after two years for most programs is 2-18%. Jubilee House has an estimated success rate of 70%.

Our program is unique in its design as it is available for court-ordered women as well as women in the community that are not legally entangled. As the women get further on in the program, we offer a computer learning center with GED programs and career skills.