How We Began

A pastor's wife Vickie, visited a young woman in jail, whose life had been torn apart from addiction. The broken young woman was crying out for help and knew something in her life had to change. She had tried to stay clean on her own, but failed each time. There weren't any programs to help with addiction in her area for women to fully recover and live victoriously. Through the cry of that broken woman and Vickie's determination to listen to the call of God, the birth of the ministry of the Jubilee House was born. After a taxing year of doubts, tears, and lots of prayer, the doors were miraculously opened in February 2008. Throughout the years, we have continued to be a support for women who are seeking to be set free from addiction.

​​Who We Are

Jubilee House is a Christian recovery program designed for women struggling with addiction. This is a twelve month program that equips women how to not only live in victory from addiction, but also live in victory in all areas of life. We help these women develop life skills in all areas of recovery, such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The goal of our program is to help women become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).