Jubilee House, Inc.

Jubilee House
How it Began

Vickie, a pastor's wife, visited a young woman in jail who told Vickie she had tried to "stay clean, but there was nowhere for women to fully recover, to get strong." She then said, "You have to do something!" Through the cry of that young woman and the willingness of another to hear her, the ministry of Jubilee House was born. After a year of preparation, the doors were officially opened in February 2008 and has offered continuous service since then.

Home Page

Jubilee House is a 12 month Christian recovery home for women whose lives have been torn apart by addictions. We offer health and recovery not just abstinence. The goal of our program is to help the women become productive members of their families and their communities by helping them develop life skills in all areas of recovery, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
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